Édouard Manet

You Must Always Remain Master Of The Situation And Do What You Please.

Édouard Manet (1832- 1883) was a French painter who is famous for being one of the first artists to paint contemporary scenes and, more substantially, was critical in the transition from realism to impressionism throughout the 1800s.

His early works, which were extremely controversial, are widely credited as a landmark moment that heralded the arrival of modern art.

From this starting point he continued to be a major influence on the impressionist movement both through his art and through his role as a mentor and promoter to many other artists. He famously provided the quote above when asked what it took to be be a successful artist.

While his art was a remarkable leap forward, his personal life was a shambles. Having an affair with a childhood friend for over a decade while she was also having an affair with his father, he was also known for sleeping with his models and frequenting brothels. Eventually, this led to his death from complications from untreated syphilis.

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